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“Headlines” is a custom plaque manufacturer and specialty engraving company. We specialize in newspaper and magazine article preservation for display. We also plaque photographs and personal mementos. Our customers are businesses, professionals, hobby enthusiasts and individuals from all over the country.

When you find an article or photos of yourself, your product, or someone you know, and it appears in a local or national publication you will want to preserve and display it. You can make the memories last forever. This is where “Headlines” can help

Headlines” can help you to make your article last! We take the actual article, and mount it, in a very professional manner then put a laminated protective coating over it to help preserve it, so you can display it in an area that will keep the memory alive for more than just the day or month it showed up in print. We are here to help you present it proudly for many years to come.

Our plaques are made of a high-grade wood and provided in a variety of wood stains. These include mahogany, maple, natural, and black. (Custom colors will be quoted on request.)

In addition to many backing stain colors, our plaques offer boarder trim to accent and frame your article. This trim is available in black, gold and silver. (Custom colors will be quoted on request.)

Each plaque we make is given a customized layout. A specialist will examine, and then layout your article to ensure consistency and presentation to meet all standards.
Custom engraved plates are attached to each plaque, and can provide information on your article such as the magazine, (or newspaper) it was published in, the publishing date, article title or your name, depending on your desires.
Plaques are produced with a glare resistant material to ensure a better viewing experience.

WE DO LARGER PLAQUES – We do many smaller plaques, but our capabilities also allow us to produce a much larger plaque (if desired) than most of the competitors.
Many companies will separate large feature articles into two or more plaques. We can assemble many more pages of content onto one larger plaque

We subscribe to many publications and will add many more to our list as we grow. If we do not subscribe to the article your feature is in you can send us the original magazine or newspaper article and we will process it. Or we will contact the publisher if possible for copies of the publication your article appeared. We use most any type of articles in print form to achieve a quality product to the customer. We do not replicate (unless we have written approval from the publishing company it comes from). We utilize the original copy using our process to help you to preserve and display it. Or we can use computer files if they are provided to us (Jpeg,gif,PDF ect…)

If you, or someone you know, is featured in news print or magazine, let “Headlines” make a laminated custom plaque to display your article for everyone to see.

Headlines“, consists of a professional sales organization as well as administration staff. We have a highly competent production group. Our process is a state of the art engraving and laminating system, with a wood shop and assembly area built to make our processes efficient and very cost competitive

If you would like more information on our company or our services please contact us at 888-203-3428 and feel free to tour our SAMPLES on this site. You can also contact us at

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